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The first appointment will always start with a consultation. We will thoroughly go through your reason for attendance, medical history, and discuss your treatment options including the advantages of each.

What to bring
  • Feel free to bring a close friend or relative to the appointment.

  • Please bring (if applicable):

    • Referral letter

    • Current list of medical conditions and medications from your Medical GP or Medical Specialists

    • Radiographs (x-rays) that you have had taken by your dentist/doctor

    • Other test results e.g. blood results, biopsy reports, photographs

If the treatment required is an emergency or a minor procedure, then the procedure may be carried out on the same day. Or, we may reschedule you for another day to ensure the least amount of disruption to your life in the recovery period.

Anxious patients

It is completely normal to have some nerves when it comes to having surgery especially in your mouth. Unfortunately, many horror experiences and myths do circulate that do not reflect what is the reality of oral surgery procedures. If you are anxious, it is advisable to book for a consult first and talk through your concerns with the surgeon. Our team is there for you and will listen to what causes you anxiety surrounding dental treatment.


Other adjunctive therapies may be utilised to minimise your anxiety including carrying out treatment under sedation or general anaesthetic. Our team will discuss with you all available options before proceeding to make sure you are as comfortable and stress-free as possible throughout the whole treatment process.

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