The role of an oral surgeon



The terminology for the titles of dental practitioners can be confusing. General dental practitioners are called dentists or dental surgeons and are everyones first point of call for their oral health. In addition to general dental practitioners, there are a range of registered dental specialists who have undergone accredited post-graduate training and concentrate on one particular field of dentistry. A dental practitioner who has carried out specialist training in the branch of oral surgery is called an Oral Surgeon.


Oral Surgery is the branch of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and surgical management of conditions affecting the mouth, jaws and peri-oral tissues. Patients are often referred to an Oral Surgeon by their general dental practitioner or another dental specialist for particular procedures that fit into the overall comprehensive treatment plan of their patients.


All dental practitioners enhance their skills with continuing professional development courses and many may carry out oral surgery procedures themselves. However,  a referral to an Oral Surgeon may be needed if the treatment required is outside your clinician's own scope of practice or experience level. Your Oral Surgeon will liaise with your referring practitioner to ensure you are looked after throughout the whole treatment process and into the future.