Treatment under local anaesthetic will be carried out at either North Sydney Dental Specialists or East Sydney Oral Surgery practices

Prior to the procedure:

  • Ensure you take all prescribed medications as per normal. Do not stop any medication unless directed by your surgeon.

  • Eat a light meal before the procedure. This is different to patients who will be having treatment under IV sedation or General Anaesthetic.





Treatment in a Private Hospital may be necessary if your case is more complex or if you have a personal preference to be put to sleep for the procedure. The initial consultation and paperwork will be carried out at one of our local clinics. 


More information will be given to you prior to the surgery, however important points are outlined below:​

  • You will be required to carry out a Pre-Anaesthetic Clinic (PAC) review. This may be done over the phone or in person, depending on your medical history.

  • Please bring to the hospital any prescription medication which you are currently taking.

  • The hospital will contact you before your surgery regarding your time of admission (typically the day before the surgery). If you haven’t heard from them, contact them directly.

  • You must FAST before treatment under General Anaesthetic. This means no eating any food at least 6 hours before and no drinking any water 2 hours before surgery.

  • Please remember to bring your Private Health Fund details as the hospital will require these on admission.

  • Additional information will be provided to you by the hospital prior to admission.