Dento-alveolar surgery refers to operations of the teeth and the jaw bone that support them. This may be as simple as removal of infected teeth due to advanced dental decay or gum disease, or engaging with other dental specialists to assist them in their treatment plans. Examples


  • Surgical removal of infected teeth/dental extractions

  • Surgical endodontics including apicectomy

  • Surgical orthodontics including frenectomy, exposure and bonding of impacted teeth, placement of temporary anchorage devices

  • Repair of oro-antral communications from past dental extractions

  • Surgery to assist the wearing of dentures or before crown placement including removing tori, bony exostoses, hyperplastic tissue or fibrous tuberosities, or crown lengthening

  • Management of medically-compromised patients who require surgery in the mouth

  • Management of medication-related or osteo-radio necrosis of the jaw

  • Emergency dental trauma